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Thank you for ordering 130+ Proven Ways To Grow Your Church.

To get your copy of the book simply follow the instructions below.

The book is pdf format. You will need a viewer to read it. If you do not have a compatible viewer, you can download and install one using the link below to get the Adobe Reader®.

Adobe Reader -  Adobe Acrobat Reader® for viewing the documentation. (The download will open in a new window ... you will not lose this page.)

Click on the blue, underlined link below and follow the instructions in 1) or 2) to save your ebook.

1) Click Open. After the report is open, select File, Save As, and save it anywhere on your computer.

2) Click Save, and save it anywhere on your computer.

To get your copy of 130+ Proven Ways To Grow Your Church click here. 


Would you please do me a favor and you send your comments and suggestions to after you've read the book?

Thank you and may God bless you and yours richly.

In His Service,

Marty Grant