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You're working harder than your management system making you and your church more effective?



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Church Membership Software that is:

Complete - there's nothing more to buy

Affordable - inexpensive on purpose

Efficient - saves your church money

Easy to use - no training needed

Effective - saves your staff time

Promotes your church growth

Guaranteed to pay for itself

 Whether it's legal pads, spreadsheets or computer software, does your current church membership management system:

  • maintain membership contact information in one location?  
  • recall church business contacts, contract and payment info from the past? 
  • print your own photographic church directories? 
  • track member contributions? 
  • print member year-end tax statements? 
  • organize your membership into cells, small groups, classes? 
  • record pastor visitations and calls, with detailed notes? 
  • maintain your libraries - books, audios, videos? 
  • keep track of all your lists - prayer chain, to-do, supplies, bldg. repairs? 
  • organize your church calendar - services, meetings, special events? 
  • track member rolls and attendance - services, meetings, special events? 
  • avoid double-booking of resources - vans, sanctuary, rooms? 
  • monitor budgets vs. actual expenses, and financial records? 
  • oversee church assets maintenance? 

If you answered "no" to any of the above, Working Church, our complete church membership software can pull your information together easily and affordably, providing 'instant recall' when you need it.


Why Working Church for your church management needs?

It's affordable. Church management software is our ministry and our passion. We want to help your church grow. You could call this church growth software because it tracks the details of your day to day operations while keeping your long-term goals and projects in front of you. It is also scalable, whether you have 15 or 3500+ members.

It's quality software, created specifically for your church. Written by full-time computer programmers and business analysts who share a love for Christ and develop software for a living, this software incorporates input from pastors, church secretaries and bookkeepers. It's non-denominational in general, allowing for user-defined customization.

Creating affordable software for church and Christian ministries is our lay ministry, and our passion. We strive to do our very best in everything we do. As Colossians 3:23 states: Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters (NIV). Please let us know if you have a specific need that you can not find in the software. We welcome your suggestions!

It's easy to use. Screens are uncluttered, easy to read and use. Everything is well thought out. Data is where you would expect to see it. So intuitive you can start using it immediately, even after you see the software for the very first time.

So, even if you have never used church software before, this software is for you. If you already have church software, we can probably capture your current information and get you started quickly. You may not have to retype anything. Be sure to ask about our data coversion abilities.


A free, fully-functional demo of Working Church - our church membership software is available for download. Click here, the software box image below, for instant access.

Free Membership Software

Click here to get a free demo of Working Church:  church membership software.

By the way, our privacy policy is simple: We will never share, sell or give away your contact information. Ever.

If you prefer, you may order your church membership software demo on CD. All we ask is that you help us keep our church software prices as low as possible by paying shipping & handling costs.


 Working Church Demo CD


Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to order a demo CD.


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How are we different from other software companies?

Developing software for Christian ministries is our passion and our ministry. We strive to do our very best in everything we do. As Colossians 3:23 states: Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters (NIV).


Other things you will love about our church software:

Your data is Safe and Secure. Create password-protected user accounts for access to the software. You can further restrict access to sensitive financial data by controlling menu options for each user.

Changeable searches and views. Switch between multi-linespreadsheet view and single-recordform view at the click of a button.

Reports. Numerous reports and lists are available, already built-in to each of your critical need areas.

Exports. Report data can be sent to spreadsheets, or other applications, to customize results into your own format.

Mouse-over help. Position your mouse pointer over any field for a brief description of that field's intended use.

Context-sensitive help. Complete help is built-in and available, on-screen.

Guarantee: 30 days. No questions. Full refund. If the software fails to meet your expectations or just isn’t right for your organization.

Discover for yourself the benefits of our church management software.

No matter how small or large your church, our church software will deliver as your church grows. Whether you are pastoring 10, 200 or 3000 members, Working Church is ready to help with all your church accounting, church membership and church management needs. 


Don't put it off another second. Get started now:

Get A Free Working Church Management Software Demo  Click here to get your free demo copy of Working Church . This fully-functional version of our church membership software allows you to enter up to 25 of your own members, families or groups and test drive the program completely.

If you're looking for free church membership software or free church management software, get a copy of our church software demo and use it until your membership grows over 25 members.


Purchase Working Church - church management software  Click here to get your copy of Working Church, our complete church membership software.

Our software is backed by our "30-day, no question, no hassle" guarantee. And it comes with a free copy of 130+ Proven Ways To Grow Your Church.


Email Brothers In Christ Software About Working Church Software  Click here to email us, ask any questions you may have, or request a call to talk a little bit more about the software.


Please look around our site to get a complete picture of who we are and what Working Church is. While you're looking and thinking, feel free to imagine what the software can do for you, your family, your church, and your ministries.

Thank you for your time visiting with us. We pray that God blesses you and your ministry richly.

In His Service,

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Working Church is a complete church membership management software system for new, small, medium and large churches. Consider it growth management software - designed to help you track church attendance, member contributions and every other facet of managing your church ... all at a very affordable price, in one easy to use place.

The development and support of Working Church software is a ministry of Brothers in Christ Software.